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WooCommerce and Prestashop are two popular e-commerce platforms in 2016. Both platforms have lower barrier to entry about technology and finance, so they are suitable for most businesses. There is helpful comparison between WooCommerce and Prestashop by Litextension.

Cost-effective: WooCommerce is an open source plugin. It is easy to transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred eCommerce store free. Users can find many free themes, extensions and install them quickly.

Flexibility: Business can categorize products and give sale prices and independent attributes. WooCommerce stores are able to provide physical, virtual, downloadable and even affiliate products.

Familiar: If users have used WordPress before, they benefit from recognizing the user-friendly WordPress interface.

Customization Options: Users can download about 2000 different themes in WordPress theme. With each selected theme, users can availably change pre-set CSS styles and color themes, tweak the code and experiment special features.

Community: WordPress community has millions of users and thousands of active members on hand to give advices for people who have problem in setting WooCommerce up.

Installation: Prestashop is really easy to initial install and customize with basic features. I If hosting company provides one-click installation, everything will be very simple for even non-tech individual.

Interface: User interface is relatively friendly. All needed information is available on Dashboard.

Feature: You can find more 25.000 plugins and extensions of Prestashop.

Official marketplace: You can choose from 3500 modules and themes in the official marketplace: Prestashop addons

Languages: Prestashop is available in 41 languages, but only supports fully in English and French.

Expensive modules: Most of full functional modules is not cheap. When upgrading and expanding Prestashop, you need high budget to purchase templates, themes and extensions.

Support: When users of Prestashop have trouble in managing site, they can find help from Prestashop forum. However, Prestashop do not have an official support team.


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I am already familiar with WooCommerce, but Prestashop is something new to me. To tell you honestly, I was planning to setup my own eCommerce store with Wordpress and WooCommerce is my preferred option. But I would love to check out and explore Prestashop for now, so that I can finally make my own decision whether I'll go for the first or second one. Recently, I am so attracted with Fresh Store Builder, but it's not Wordpress-based but a standalone eCommerce store. Customers are loving it though, and now my mind was already dazzling with attraction. It's better that I should take my time though to find out, compare and decide for good. Thanks for showing to us the comparison between WooCommerce and Prestishop. :)


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I made one good store using woo-commerce with WP,it is wonderful plugin where can easily Handel all the things even cart n shop . Category of products, billing etc.

About prestashop I just tried to learn it cloud based sub domain..was going good but from last week I can't log in in dashboard meant to say backend not working..I already learnt full customization about theme and so on..but not able to log in in back office from past week. I will ask help in forum..if not will creat another one for learning..i felt it's good for small business with superb design..i mostly love it's homepage area.

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Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that has a large active store. In recent years, Magento is received many good reviews from business. More and more businesses choose Magento for their online store. Beside WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento is a good choice for medium and large business. E-merchants can find advantages and disadvantages of three e-commerce platforms to do thing right. Magento vs Prestashop vs WooCommerce Comparison


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I am satisfied with Prestashop as it is almost free and most of the plugins are paid version, but buying them is good for making bet E-Commerce site.
I never tried Woo commerce, but here someone suggested to me that use instead of Prestashop as it was easy to configure.
The Prestashop Module cost more compared to the other CMS modules as this was made me bad impression with them.