Tutorial Wordpress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal


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There are three main options for the people who build powerful websites without having coding and technical aspects of it are
  1. Wordpress
  2. joomla
  3. drupal

This three optioned have established themselves as the leaders for this online management systems. Since this three are the most important once there is no need to look for another CMS. To be honest this three options are incredible systems we can create the amount very easy and quick, here the things are not a matter that you knows about computers technology are not. This means they are free to use. For most of the people, once the start they don’t want to change. So please take a few minutes to reviews each of these three content management systems to see which one is right to you.



Wordpress is the very most popular content management system. Wordpress started out as a platform exclusively for blogging, but has grown and advanced significantly over the year. Today ,40% of sites using CMS's are using wordpress. For beginners and small to medium sized websites, Wordpress works great and it's a best pick. There are many advantages in wordpress to those looking to create a website or a blog, including the following:

  • Easy to Install
Automatic installing of wordpress sites are offered by hosting companies, it means you can have a new site up and running in well under five minutes. Even with manual installation , you can build a new site in an hour.

  • Customization
Here the wordpress has significantly more plug-ins, themes and other customization available for it than any other CMS.

  • Free
This wordpress is free to install and anyone can use it at free of cost. There are lots and lots of free plug-ins and themes available to choose from it. And also we have paid premium themes and plug-ins, which some people want to use it , but they are not required, especially not for beginners.

  • Community Support

Millions of people using wordpress, Lot of peoples are there to help you through any problems you may have. There are several websites and forum communities which are created by users offering free support to other worldpress websites owner. If you have any free time you can go through the support forum where lot of contributor can help you within minutes.


Drupal is said to be the second most popular content management system available today. Drupal is considered as a full open source program, which many people prefer, especially those who are more technically minded. Drupal is very powerful, less resources intensive than the wordpress. Drupal has a capacity to be a set up for anything from a simple blog to a content portal used by large corporations. There are some of the most significant benefits to drupal include the following:

  • Technically Advanced

It is also considered as most technically advanced of these three content management systems . It doesn't use as nearly as many system resources as wordpress, so the peoples no need to worry about upgrading to a more expensive hosting option as quickly with system works.

  • Improved Performance
Drupal pages load more quickly, and have faster response times when compared to WordPress or Joomla. Of course, as you add in plug-ins and make some other changes related to it, this can response more faster.

  • Customization
Drupal is very easy to customize with many different plug-ins, themes and other configurable options. People with sufficient programming knowledge, can easily edit the root files and making it more flexible and faster as per the requirement.

  • Free
You can download the Drupal software for free, and you can install it on your own hosting server without any technical team support . Many plug-ins and themes are available at free of cost which makes Drupal a best alternate for wordpress.

Joomla is nothing but the compromise between wordpress and drupal. It is considered as a powerful content management system, which can be run smoothly on most web servers without any problems. It doesn’t require the same level of technical experience to run as Drupal it mean it is very normal to use, but it still offers many of the extra features for people to use. Joomla does have a lot of plug-ins and themes available to choose from in it, so you can customize your site to look and function in any way you desire to it to work for. Other reasons people choose Joomla include:

  • Social Networking

This is perhaps considered as the biggest benefit of Joomla. When you compare to this three, Joomla makes it is the easiest to create social networks. Social networks are considered as a powerful asset for many sites, and with Joomla, you can have one up in it and running extremely quicker.

  • Commerce Sites
If you want to set up an online store, Joomla can help you out. Online stores are certainly possible with Drupal and WordPress, but Joomla made it faster and easier in any manner.

  • Help Portal
Joomla offers a great help portal for asking questions and getting technical support.

  • Free
Like Drupal, Joomla also free to use on your own web servers.


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I don't agree for the Drupal at all, but it is great software that is better than Worpdress, however managing is tough point and setup takes lot of time, that needs to be understand. It also takes lot of server resources and most of the plugins are not available at all.