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I am selling my website Wordpressthemes-2016 (dot) com ! The reason i am selling it is that i dont have time to manage because now it needs at least 1,2 article in week and create some backlinks ! I have great rankings you can see in the screenshot that i take today of Webmaster tool ! 20+ vizitors daily ! Who need more info or screenshots of analistyc or want to see them live from teamviwer pm me !Payment via paypal !I want to sell like an auction if they are interested people !I resever the right to not sell if i dont get a good price !
Starting price 350$


Manish Mishra

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You just have 20 around visitors per day and the asking price quite much for that. You should have ask for a lower rate, i guess. Is this site monetized? What is the source of income from this site?
Please provide the details and screenshot of earning, if any.


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@Mars92 seems to be good, but according to stats its price is too high. The site needs a lot of work to gain its authority according to your asking price.