Work at home. $11.50/hour. Site supporter and translator needed.

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Cascade need few people for remote work. We need English speaking persons to support our web site, to correct our language

mistakes in articles, news and manuals for our software . Salary is $11.50 per hour.
Description. As you know, our company locates in India, and we are running outsourcing business activity. So English is not

our native language we need people to help us to translate out manuals and articles in English.
How it works: We give you our article with our bad English and you've got to correct it. After that you send it to us and we

together calculate your payment. The rate is $11.50 per hour.

Requirements for the candidate
- USA residence;
- Over 18 years old;
- An ability to work 2-3 hours per day, 7 days per week;
- Excellent writing English;

Fill in the following form:
1. Your name and your last name.
2. Your Date Of Birth.
3. Education.
4. Experience in similar work if any.
5. How did you hear about us.

Send form to job(at) ( replace (at) with @ )
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