World Of Warcraft

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There are millions of people who enjoy playing World Of Warcraft.

Some people have died whilst playing this game, as they have played non stop for days and not bothered to eat or drink.

One guy died when he jumped off a bridge with a feather in his hand believing he would float down to the ground.

What are your thoughts about this game?



Yellow Belt
Can we download from some torrent site and play, If yes someone give me a good link to this site i am very interested. I have tried many but after download some links are broken and stuff. Also specify the space required to download.


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Lol torrent site? Sure Private server but not like the real thing. Private servers are for losers. You can hit whatever level and no real action. No if you want to play WoW you got to pay like everyone else does. WoW has been a good game to play. Meet alot of people and lots of commution. Getting Wrath and re-activating my WoW account this week. <Amped> Blackleo of Malygos
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