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It's Game Time!

Hello everyone!

Before I am going to publish another product review, I just want to say something important here. I think there's one guy who says that he may not recommend everyone to check out the products that I am reviewing or I shared. I would like to take note guys and gals that I am not getting paid by product vendors to simply post or share a review about their respective products. The reviews that I have are based on my own opinions on what is this product all about, and I have no benefits for myself instead I am just doing this freely, and it's my own decision of choosing products that I am going to review once and for all. I even didn't promote any affiliate links in any of my reviews here (you can check all of my product review history for me to prove something). I would likely accept positive or negative opinions from you guys, after all I am just reviewing them and not a product vendor myself. Is that understood guys?

If you still have any problems about my statement above, just let me know and I acknowledge it....

Anyways, going back to the main topic now. In this review that I am going to share today, it's all about a brand new product that was released on JVZoo recently, and I would really think that this is meant for people who are going to have some plans in making money by setting up eCommerce stores and dropshipping as well. Without further ado, let me present to you a brand new Wordpress plugin known as WP Proficom.

Anyways, what is WP Proficom?

This is a intelligent state of the art Wordpress plugin that lets you create high quality eCommerce dropshipping stores instantly. How cool is that, huh? Imagine that when you are planning to setup your very own eCom store without this Wordpress plugin, it will take you a lot of time and money to create a beautiful eCommerce store on your own. If you don't have the ability to create your own from scratch, definitely you will need to spend money to hire someone who can do this for you like no other. It sounds like you have spent hundreds of dollars to outsource and waiting several hours to few days, just to let your single eCom store to be published live. But with WP Proficom, it will change the entire game of it.

What can I really say about the WP Proficom?

I can honestly say that even I didn't have the chance to buy this one, I can say that this plugin truly has greater potential for us to make a killing in the eCom world. As what I have seen in their sales page, I think they're focused more on the Aliexpress products that can be included in the dropshipping store that we built using WP Proficom. It is either you can sell your own items, or just simply look for related items on the Aliexpress store once and for all. The WP Proficom consists of two things, their official Wordpress plugin and the basic video training. Of course, how can we know how it works if it doesn't have the training tools needed for us?

What makes WP Proficom great is that it only has lower setup cost along with the Woocommerce feature. Unlike any other software or plugins out there, you don't need to pay recurring fees to maintain your own eCom store. Although I still respect other ones, but this is already making a stand for us who are planning to have an eCom store. It is fully integrated with Wordpress and you have complete control of it. Not only that, there is what we call Profiads, in which that compliments the plugin. It teaches you how to take advantage of your eCom store with various strategies like Facebook ads and some ninja tricks as well.

By the way, here's the sales video of WP Proficom here:

Not only that, you can also watch the demo video here:

Is WP Proficom gonna be worth of our investment?

Right now, I think this plugin has an affordable front-end price, but I bet that it has OTOs, but not really necessary to make this fully work. If you can give them a try, you don't need to worry about it because it has a money back guarantee once you're not satisfied. If you have already tried this product, maybe you can share your experiences by replying here below.​