XtraFileHost.com - Post, Host, WIN!!! - Huge Christmas Conte

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Yellow Belt

is now offering FREE web hosting!

Now why is this topic in this forum?

There's a special Christmas contest going on as a Grand Opening feature!

Look at what you can win:

- 15GB Webspace
- 75GB Bandwidth
- 250 Addon/Parked Domains
- cPanel 11 Control Panel
- 250 MySQL Databases
- Frontpage extensions
- Spam software
- 250 FTP accounts
- 30 Subdomains
- 250 Email Accounts/Forwarders

How can you win this package? Just post, and get the highest post amount by the specified ending date!

This is a great contest to join in, because XtraFileHost is a new hosting service!

Ready to join in and race to grab this package?

Get more details here:


All the best and have fun!
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