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One of my friends has just finished his Bulletin Board Software and just released it recently. We need some more testers to find bugs and some dedicated moddered to post hacks and get this great software going strong for what i needs to be. Here are some features below..

Our software is fully capable of features that other boards have, plus more!

It has:
a full style system,
mysql backup,
IP Banning,
full administration over members and posts...
and all the rest required to have a forum.

features other boards DON'T have that we do are:
Auto-scan (weekly),
Automatic repair of the database,
a journal.

This system has been tested on other servers, and so far has been shown to run faster then any forum software and use less resources.

Average loading times with XB are less then .02 seconds.

And what is the cost of this software???

This version is standard edition. It costs nothing! it's free. and you get full access to help and resources pertaining to that version.

http://www.xtreme-boards.com (click the Forum button to view the software)


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Well I moved this to the correct forum for you, but we always welcome announcements about new software. I'll definitely take a look into things sometime the next few days and test your new software out.


Thank you we have released a RPG version that will be purchased in the future but is not avaliable yet and is being tested on XB.com
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