Yahoo and Swatch to Enhance Yahoo Messenger

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At this time, Yahoo is one of the Internet giants, being well known for its giant portal that is visited every day by millions of users. Although Yahoo is identified through this product, the company provides an impressive number of solutions that are currently the best or are challenging similar services designed by other firms. The best example is provided by the search engine that represents
the most powerful rival for Google's search technology, a rivalry known in the entire world. One of the most used products developed by the company is probably Yahoo Messenger, an instant messaging client that allows you to communicate with your friends, family or other users using more than a single chat function.


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I think this will be an exciting partnership. Swatch have a habbit of collaborating with the most unusual client, they collaborated with Mercedes Benz to design the A - Class Benz .
Lets see what their partnership with Yahoo will bring.
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