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I just had an experience i think yahoo indexes new sites faster than google, For new pages to old sites google is fast, but for new sites yahoo is faster.

Anyone with similar experience?
Ok i never notice it but now i will keep a check and then let you know about the feedback

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Yes you are correct I have the same experience .. but in positions first I am at 1st page in yahoo that time 60th in google.. after one month i.e present I am at 8th in google but 22 in yahoo why this problem ? I am so confusing this


I think Google do faster then Yahoo.

Yahoo index small websites faster.
Hi Friends,

In my case Google only crawled my website fast.
Google Crawled my new website within a week.
But yahoo taken almost 15 days.
So i suggest Google is better then Yahoo.

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yes, i am agree this idea too, in content, i thank yahoo is better than google.


I think Yahoo indexing is much easier as you do not need to build links and wait for your site to get into search engines.

For indexing in Yahoo you only need to submit your site through the way they tell and within 24 hours you can see your site sailing in Yahoo.
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