Help Me/Question Yahoo Recommends?


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Believe it or not, I have been online for over a decade, much, much more, and this is the first time I heard about Yahoo Recommends.

Doing a quick research I can see is an option to monetize, but could someone explain me what is this about and when it came up into the scene?

Well, I mainly monetize from AdSense when it comes to contextual advertising, and probably this is the reason why I didn't know about.

Nonetheless it's strange that I haven't read anything either whether through forums, blogs or news sites :eek:


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They have been online from few years back and in those days it was for US only. I don't know the current situation and they have bad reputation in the market as heard got banned before the payments to publisher.
Are you an approved member to Yahoo Publisher program or apply and see if they accepts to you or not.

Zirkon Kalti

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I had seen the Yahoo Recommends ads before while browsing Yahoo site. Yahoo Recommends only display ads on the publisher’s own site. The recommendations can be personalized. When you sign into your Yahoo account, it will display the user’s first name instead of Powered by Yahoo! for you!.


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Ah, thanks a lot for the info!

Probably I haven't seen those ads because while I have a Yahoo account, I rarely stop by Yahoo pages or services, however whenever a money-making service is best know for penalizing or being at risk to be, I think it's better to stay away of it.

Many times we invest not only our time but all our enthusiasm and effort in something that may not give you but headaches in return.