Yahoo share of the search market increases

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ComScore reported that Yahoo's search of the search market jumped by 8% last month with a corresponding 8% less in Google's share of the market. Microsoft's Live did not change.
Google however still have a commanding lead of 62% of the market so this news is unlikely to get Google shaking with fear.

Some of the reason analyst gave for the rise in Yahoo market share includes:
* Very popular contents network such as Yahoo finance
* Shopping season so loads of people use Yahoo to search for goods
* Yahoo is still most internet users start page


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I think there could be one more possible reason. As more webmaster express her/his appointment about Google algo, they decide to offer Yahoo! connected custom searches at their website. I have no idea how much percentege of the searches is started using the custom search fields at the website, but i think this volume is not negligible.


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Didn't Yahoo! also release Yahoo! analytics recently? That should definitely help with the market share.
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