My Experience Yahoo Small Business Has Been Rebranded As Aabaco Small Business.

Prasoon Arora

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Recently I experienced, number of customers who were using there Web hosting services with Yahoo Small Business, are being redirected to Aabaco Small Business.

In the change, Business emails are not being impacted and are been supported by Yahoo only.

The existing customers for Aabaco Small Business, can go to to access their account and new customers can find the details for different services on the same page.

In order to get more details for the change , you may also refer to aabacosmallbusiness. com/learnmore.
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I wonder if this transition from Yahoo to Aabaco will have any impact with the business itself. It is good to hear though that existing customers do not have to worry about their emails because emails are critical for internal communication as well as with external contacts.

Prasoon Arora

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The migration from Yahoo to Aabaco is very easy, as I have one of my friend who was using his services from Yahoo. When migrated to Aabaco , there were so easy steps that we do not find any difficulty in the migration. Even when searched on help article we were able to see the step wise desciption to transfer the services. Please find the details as mentioned below :
1. Go to (help article website for Aabaco)
2. Type the keywords Yahoo Small Business to Aabaco Small Business Transition or sln26667
3. You will be able to see the steps wise details to be followed for transfer.

steve taylor

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Yes yahoo small business is change his name and now it is available with new name Aabaco small business.
All the teams are same but only name is changed it works very good for a small business you can easily setup your business with yahoo or Aabaco small business.It provide better idea to open your own small business.

Pooja Sharma

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Yahoo Small Business attracted the customers because it was a brand. I think now the company will suffer a loss because of it. Changes are always good but our customers should always be satisfied with it.
First there was a news that it would be Luminate but now it is Aabaco Small Business.

Prasoon Arora

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@Pooja Sharma : It take time to reach the satisfaction of all and would appreciate the new business name to be on the same level that it was. No doubt, once the change is accepted and comes to the platform, every users or customers get satisfied as they start accepting the change with their own expectations.


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Yahoo can change their name, face, etc but they never develop their business. As far what I seen in the past and present. What about if they sell the business or do they keep ruining for life? I think customers will be more frustrated with them because of their announcing, changes.

Do you say they are going to stay in the future?

Zirkon Kalti

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After a search on Google, I found out that Aabaco provides web hosting plans for small business. If you are using Yahoo small business hosting previously, you must now go to and create a new ID to login into your cPanel. It will ask for your Yahoo login as well as new ID. You will still need your Yahoo ID and password to login into your business mail.


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Every business man want to improve his business and his business get more and more success.
I think yahoo small business has been re branded as aabaco small business.
To improve his productivity and in starting face some problem but it can maintain with the time.