Yang to quite Yahoo

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Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo, is to stand down as the internet portal's chief executive officer.
His departure follows lengthy criticism of his stewardship of the company, which has seen its share price collapse to about $10.
Earlier in the year he fought off a hostile takeover bid from Microsoft which offered $33 a share.
Mr Yang also told the workforce that he would be participating in the search for his successor.
"I will always do what is right for this great company," Mr Yang wrote in an e-mail to employees.
The BBC was told that Mr Yang made the decision to leave as chief executive officer last month. No names were given as to who will succeed him.



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Yahoo was afected by those bids from Microsoft and Google and now there action price is down....

That's the principal motive for this resignation probably.


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I think Yahoo are letting them selves down.

One example, their adsense sign up is limited to certain countries.

They need to open a little bit more and do what Google do


I don't thin kso it is huge company and has so much money probably google seems to be better if we speak about money and searching possibilities but anyway each of those companies has lot of people each day. Google of course tried to buy yahoo but it seems that it isn't so easy.
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