Help Me/Question Your Business Needs Seo Or Ppc?


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hi there,

I know you always think about to up your business sale, but, how and what is the best feed or need your business that's the biggest thing.

I can give you a free consultation for that, you can question me feel free about that.

Thanks in advance

dona harrop

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Can you please explain,How the E-Commerce website get good rank in google in very short time? and how we can judge that Seo or ppc is best suitable for my website?


SEO is optimizing your website and content to rank higher in organic search results for targeted keyword. PPC is all about paying for advertising space for specific targeted keywords on SERP. Both are equally important for small and big business.
Both are equally important for small or big business. Only difference is by doing SEO we can rank website organic way it's time to rank website. And other way ppc (pay per click) it's all about paid marketing.

Advantages of Organic SEO:

  • Organic SEO is very cost effective. The labor costs of setting up and managing a PPC campaign are usually the same or even more than the labor costs of SEO, but then there are the continuous click charges you pay after set-up.
  • Organic SEO is long lasting — a properly optimized site can maintain a high position in the search results long after a PPC campaign has been turned off.
  • Search engine positioning is relatively stable whereas PPC ad positions continuously change according to your competitors’ bidding tactics. A well-optimized site with good link authority and excellent content can hold its search engine position if you need to step away from SEO for a month.
Drawbacks to SEO:

  • SEO is very slow compared to PPC. It can take months after you optimize your site to start seeing results, whereas PPC will start getting you leads immediately.
  • SEO is an ongoing process. Your site will never be 100% “optimized,” it will only get more and more optimized as you put more work into it. The good news is that in the future your rankings will be better and you will hopefully be reaping the rewards of having invested in SEO.
  • SEO is time-consuming, especially if you choose to do it yourself. You have the option to purchase SEO tools or to hire someone to do SEO for you, but that will end up costing real money, not your own time.

Advantages of PPC:

  • No waiting: once your PPC campaign starts, you’ll immediately start to see more traffic, clicks, and conversions. SEO can take months before you start to see your site moving up the search engine results.
  • PPC is scalable and controllable – you set your budget and have a decent idea of how many leads are you getting in return. This, in turn, helps you estimate an accurate budget for your digital marketing. SEO is not so cut and dry, and it can take longer or require more money if the industry or location your business needs to rank for is very competitive.
  • Using PPC means you don’t have to worry about a given search engine’s algorithm and how it impacts your position. You’re bidding on the top spots so your organic rank isn’t going to matter. With SEO, you have to ensure that you’re optimizing your site to Google’s standards of best practice or your site could lose rank or be penalized for black hat tactics.
Drawbacks of PPC:

  • You have to pay to get good results and, ideally, the more you pay, the better the results. The competition for keywords has never been greater. This may mean you’ll have to pay more later for the same results you’ve been getting.
  • Researching and selecting effective keywords to bid on is very time-consuming. Managing what you’re spending on keywords, measuring returns, adjusting how much you spend and intelligently playing the PPC game is a basically a full-time job. Either you’ll be spending time doing it yourself or you’ll have to hire an experienced PPC specialist who can properly run your campaigns for you.
  • PPC is like a faucet: once you turn it off, it stops providing you leads. If you suddenly have to divert your PPC budget to something else, can you survive with the leads that you’re getting naturally? SEO is long lasting and while it’s never truly done, it’s like a rolling snowball: it takes a while to get going and it may slow down at times, but once it gets the momentum up, there’s no stopping it.
  • “Click Fraud” is still a problem as some companies use manual clicks or damaging software that simulates human clicks from different IP addresses around the world. Your competitors can rapidly rack up your click charges. Google can detect some of this fraud but there are ways to evade this detection.

Ankit Singh

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Can you please explain,How the E-Commerce website get good rank in google in very short time? and how we can judge that Seo or ppc is best suitable for my website?
There is no way to increase traffic on a e-commerce website rapidly you have to work on legit white hat SEO techniques in combination with PPC


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SEO is the best option. By Seo, business or website can gain more popularity and visibility hence it improves the profits.


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It depends on the business goals, budget and industry to choose SEO or PPC for your business. Natural SEO and well-structured PPC campaign leads to the better result for a business.


We can't say exactly some business will work well with SEO and some will work with PPC. If the business is B2C then you can go with PPC for instant results and for leads. If the business for B2B you can get ROI still by doing SEO as well PPC.


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Are You Still Confused With SEO Versus Pay Per Click (Ppc)?

If you are still asking yourself whether the high setting you back SEO program is really worth it or you must go with a far more cost effective Ppc model, after that you are not alone.

A lot of business available do not know the difference in between the two when it involves results. Ok, lets as on your own a couple of questions. How do you discover some details online?

It's apparent, you utilize a Jacksonville SEO Company to find them. Then why should your consumers be any type of different? In order to let them locate you, you need to have a well looked into SEO program in position.

At the same time, a PPC program is also really efficient in fetching you the results. So, which one wins in the Search Engine Optimization versus PPC (ppc) battle?

  • Let's utilize both

Typical SEO Company in Jacksonville has actually currently been changed by many more methods as well as methods that might guarantee that your website obtains discovered. Yet it is extremely difficult to stay on the top of the listings or keep that position on a long-term basis.

Actually, the topmost setting is not guaranteed whatsoever. You need to maintain paying for Search Engine Optimization services. When you stop paying for the SEO solutions, the website traffic that you used to get also decreases.

On the other hand, in paid links, you contend against your rival for the leading place. The search phrases are usually selected by the carrier. Even today, when you conduct a search on the top online search engine, you will certainly constantly see a leading place scheduled for the paid listings.

It certainly will be valuable if you have your promotion over there.
So which one is the champion?

At some point, it all comes down to personal goals and also preferences. If you are searching for an immediate enhancement in your leads and returns then a PPC model would be appropriate.
On the other hand for long-term ROI, then an effective SEO Services in Jacksonville project would certainly be best.

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dona harrop

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There is no way to increase traffic on a e-commerce website rapidly you have to work on legit white hat SEO techniques in combination with PPC
It depends on your product, If your product is smart and good then its very simple and easy to get organic traffic.


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Seo is the process of optimizing the website to reach a better position in search engine. Seo focuses on rankings in organic search results. By Seo, business or a website can gain more popularity and visibility hence it improves the profits.


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The success of an online business greatly depends on the amount of traffic. SEO and PPC advertising both can be incredibly valuable. If you want to run your business within days then PPC is the best option for you. SEO is an organic process, it takes time.


1. It is appear on google for long time
2. It require more time to get ranking it but does not require to pay
3. Use Onpage technique- Off Page techniques to get ranking
1. It is for limited period upto the end date of PPC campaign
2. It shows result on google instantly as campaign started but you have to pay for it.
3. You should use PPC only for offers or any other things for which you required enquiry in less time.

I can say if you want instant enquires then go with PPC but you want to stay for long time on google
& visible on SERP then go with SEO. SEO is better than PPC.