your domain name, have you ever been made and offer

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Out of the blue 3-4 weeks ago, I was contacted by a lady who wanted to buy one of my dormant domain names, I asked her to make and offer, she made an offer I did not consider adequate, I told her I am not interested.

She came back 3 week later to make me and offer 4 times the first offer which I have now accepted. We are conducting the transaction via sedo who are charing 3% for escrow services.

Have you even had such offer for your domain name and if so, did you go on to sell the domain?


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I have not got an offer for a domain, but I did made a couple of them. I had to buy few domains, a while ago. None of the owners were interested in selling, even though the domains were not that "keyword important".


someone gave me offer to buy one of my domain names. But I rejected because i did not agree with the price...
I had sold several of my domains but never tried escrow because the amount was low...

how is the deal with your buyer temi?
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