News/ Info Your Opportunity To Become A Best-selling Co-author With Travis Greenlee And Nick

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Imagine what kind of credibility and additional business you will get just from having the title of "Best-Selling Authorâ€
"A Book Can Take You Places You Could Never Take Yourselfâ€
If you want to dominate your market by becoming known as the absolute expert on in your field, this could be the opportunity you've been looking for…
Listen in to hear Travis and Nick peel back the curtain and show you how you can:
* Become a Best-Selling Author Quickly and Easily
* Position Yourself Above all of your competition
* Use your Best-Seller Status in your Marketing to Grow Your Business!
* Use a Book to Take You Places and Get You Clients You Could Never Get Yourself
* Use a book to drive traffic and lead generation on your website
* Repurpose your content to attract more and better business
* and much, much more!
My friend, celebrity attorney & branding expert, Nick Nanton, gave me a publishing deal to author a collaborative book and we're inviting a select group of high-integrity, experienced entrepreneurs, marketers and professionals to join us in this unique opportunity.
You've possibly come across other collaborative books and book opportunities out there in the past.
I have to confess, I really haven't been that drawn to the model myself because the other books didn't relate to what I was doing, so I couldn't use it to increase the income from my business.
That is, until I met Nick.
Nick is a branding and positioning master and he actually has a system that ensures Best-Seller status.
And, we're both committed this isn't "just another book†that sits on shelves… or is just an entertaining read.
Our collaborative book will be a first class hardbound book, with proven tips from the trenches and actual strategies and knowledge that people can use to change their lives and grow their businesses in any economy.
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