My 2 Cents Your Primary Business Priority Should Be Your Customers

Prasoon Arora

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Every business should give their priority to their customers.It is being noticed that business those who give preference to customers in compared to their revenue are more success then others.As primary priority to customers may delay your revenue but assure your success growth.Customers usage and subscription to your business holds other position and make your business grow more.

Pooja Sharma

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Very well said , customers are the image of business growth and provide the direct path of success. If any business is able to appreciate their customers needs by providing them the best services among all, customers mouth to mouth advertisement relates the revenue and business growth with huge increase in subscribers of the business.


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yes it is true that for every business your first priority should be your customer.
you cant avoid them and disrespect them as they are like god for business person.
it is the customers who helps in your business growth so always be ready to provide them the best services.


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Sure, customer care is at the heart of all unbeaten business companies. In a competitive market, it can help you develop a trustworthy customer base and get better relationships with your customers.In short, to boost up your business and prosperity in your kind of business, the best think is to focus on customer retention and build up customer loyalty.

steve taylor

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Yes every business property is customer If your customer satisfy with your business product then your business popularity never decrease with time.
It is apply for all business like small, big, medium, offline, online, or a small shop.
Customer is blood and business is body if any one is damage then your business gets fails.

Doominic anderson

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Customers are most important part of any business because if we don't have customers who will purchase our product and by whom we will make our money. Suppose we have done all things in very effective manner like marketing of products,our website is good,our products are awesome but we don't have sufficient amount of customer from where we can earn and sell our product. So,our primary business priority should be customers.


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Yes your are right if you have any type of business then your customer is your money bank.
If your costumes satisfied 100% with your company products then it is very good thing for your company.
If your costumer day by day increase then your company also increase day by day.