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Bionic Woman

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I have two but they are both out of action due to ink needed.

My first I won on GMTV aroun 6-7 years ago. It is an all in one lexmark. That's up in my wardrobe.

My other is a Canon i250, just for printing. One day I will get some ink for one of them... :D


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Samsung ML-2010 laser.

Being really into the environment I just buy a new one rather than replace the cartridges as it's cheaper and they last a good year.

Noisy as anything though. Try not to use if after 10:30pm for fear of getting an ASBO. :wink:


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I am using HP 1410 all in one Inkjet printer. I am not happy with its performance so I am trying to get another printer.


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I have an old Epson C64 for everyday use (v cheap & reliable)
and a HP photosmart thing for photo printing (not cheap but v good quality)


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Brothers and HP's

We have switched onto using mostly HP (I have a laserjet 1300 which seems very robust, a deskjet 1220C which also seems to work well, except I wish I had a laser, and there is a Brother HL5270 on one of our other machines).

The current Brother seems to be holding up well, but we did have some problems with others (not lasting as long as we would like).

We also have a tiny Dell colour jet, which we have stopped using as it was so slow (we did know that to be fair to Dell, but what seems okay at first becomes tiresome after a while, so I wish we had spent more money on a better one).

Has anyone else comments on reliability and lifetime of their printers?
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