My Experience Youtube + Pay Per Download Experiment


It's Game Time!

Hello guys!

I know that the New Year's Eve is coming, and everybody is almost busy in preparations. In other words, most of us are now spending time trying to celebrate the upcoming 2016. But we are not going to talk mostly on what is coming on the New Year. Instead, I am going to share my own experience about doing Youtube + PPD experiment.

What is PPD anyway?

For those of you who doesn't know what PPD is all about, I am going to share it you now. PPD (pay per download) is an online method where you can get paid for every lead who downloads the file you are promoting on your affiliate link. But in exchange, the customer should complete an offer first before downloading the file. Once the user completes the offer, you will automatically be paid.

Anyways, I am going to share my own honest experience now, so here we go.....

I was introduced to the PPD world when I was making few bucks on Peerfly CPA affiliate network that time, and it opened my eyes. I really think that PPD is easier and simpler than CPA affiliate networks, so I managed to give it a go. I signed up on FileIce, the first PPD network that I've joined. It took me just a while for my application to be approved. But thank God I was approved and ready to go.

I was experimenting niches that could work with downloads. So I have done massive research on the hot niches that mostly people are searching for. There are several niches for you to choose from like weight loss, software cracks, free stuff or so. But for me, I would choose for a niche that is impossible to saturate, and it is gaming. To tell you honestly, I really love gaming since I was a kid until today. After work, I usually play games during my spare time in order not to make me bored at all.

Games, huh?

Yeah games it is! Anyway, I would really thought that I have no future with games, as our parents think it is a waste of time and may not contribute to our better future. But they we're wrong. Right now, we can simply make money in games by thinking outside of the box, by using them as our niche in affiliate and PPD marketing. So I tested several games that I want to promote on Youtube by simply ripping game videos with Creative Commons attribute, and edit them with Windows Movie Maker.

I uploaded more than 20 game videos during that time, and see if I can make money with it. In order for me to make money, I am having the idea of putting fake beta game codes on the download link. I did remember that my first lead earned me $16, and that guy who downloaded my file was from France. I was surprised that French traffic does pay high, so I was pumped up and motivated to do more. But due to my work that time, I was limited to do some experiments.

I did have an experience that I earned more than $100 a month in Youtube and PPD, and I was like this....


Yes I was so excited that time that I indeed made at least $100 passive income with Youtube and pay per download for few months. But it didn't last long. I noticed that there are some competitors who flagged my videos for copying or ripping content, or because I mislead them due to fake game codes. It was wrong on my part and I apologize to them, but they didn't stop until my niche Youtube account got disabled until now.

But as what I have observed, I do believe that the ones who flagged my gaming videos are the competitors as well, as we are trying to gain more views and rank well on the Google SERPs. But anyways, I have learned my lesson the hard way and it was a fun experience.

Lesson learned: Never mislead people with fake files or links, or so....

If we are going to do Youtube and PPD marketing, we make sure that we are giving value towards our viewers, and I immediately learned quickly about that. I am planning to change tactics when it comes to Youtube and pay per download marketing, and this time I have learned and get better.

I hope you guys have learned something about my true experience with Youtube and PPD marketinge experiment. Cheers and have a good day ahead!


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My favorite money making method.
Youtube was the main source of traffic for me before it updated its video spam and comment spam policy.
I was making 500$ per day with comment and 200$ per day with videos. They were fake niches,ofcourse.
Cheezecarls, what you are doing is legit and real niches, I Guess, right?
You will make money but it will take time because for real niches people dont want to do surveys , trust me.
I dont recommend fake niches either.


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The best way of driving the organic traffic from YouTube is posting videos and comments avoiding spam methods and techniques.


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If there is any truth of getting paid by downloads, it's not that you spend hours to do so. The payment may be not good.

Furqan Rashid

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It's really not very much helpful to provide fake download links to the viewers. It's somehow called cheating them and It's good too that you learnt a lesson.