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I found this site on the web and I thought you would be interested.

Welcome to social network friend. ZigiMe is a leading global social network site. Blogging tips and articles on how to create blog sites. Includes photo sharing, even on free accounts.

ZigiMe allow creating some event like special event, upcoming event, current event or any other place or event you like.ZigiMe provide barter services, you also create new business contacts and references. ZigiMe barter helps you find what you need and barter services!"News and advice for job seeker. Search your jobs in friend networking site. Search by Category, Experience, Keyword, and location.

The ZigiMe is leading job search site. Jobs in ZigiMe….You can search and simply post your jobs opportunities in friend networking site.

You can create personal online audio albums, digital audio, digital video album, and audio digital video to share your audio on the friend networking site.

Create your digital photo album, free online photo album, photo storage and photo sharing in ZigiMe.

ZigiMe offers online video, digital video, family video store, digital audio. Upload and Share your video with family and friends on internet social network site.
Not open for further replies.